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Our chest is used to carry treasures. Regardless of whether it will be gold, gems or brass ;-). The outside is made of @Cordura 770D, inside it has a bright lining. Between the Cordura and the...



A pouch made of construction mesh, with a Velcro hook on one side that allows it to be attached inside a backpack or bag. We sew it in three sizes. Made of the best materials, with attention to...


Paramedical Equipment

Prepared for Every Situation - Our Collection of Medical Products

Welcome to our versatile collection of medical products, where preparedness is the key to confidence and safety. Whether you are a paramedic, a survival enthusiast, or simply value your safety during outdoor activities, our medical backpacks, waist packs, and organizers are designed to help you be prepared for every situation.

Backpacks: Mobile First Aid Centers

Our medical backpacks are mobile first aid centers that will assist you in responding effectively in emergency situations. Designed for storing essential first aid supplies and medical equipment, they ensure that you have access to the necessary tools in every situation.

Waist Packs: Quick Access to Essential Supplies

Medical waist packs are an excellent solution for those who value quick access to essential medical supplies. With ergonomic designs and convenient pockets, you can have everything at your fingertips, ready for immediate use.

Organizers: Order and Efficiency

If you understand the importance of organization in medical work, our medical organizers are the answer to your needs. They help you maintain order among your tools, medications, and bandages, ensuring you can efficiently care for patients in challenging conditions.

Prepare for Every Situation with Our Medical Products

Whether you are a professional paramedic or a conscious traveler, our collection of medical products combines durability, functionality, and effectiveness. Explore our range now and feel confident that you are prepared for any medical situation. Safety and health always come first!