Unconventional passions require non-standard solutions, just like working in challenging conditions. When creating our textile products, we go beyond the beaten path and focus on you, your needs, and expectations. In this way, we create original designs with personalized functionality that directly translates to your comfort, safety, and the durability of the solutions we offer.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to prepare any textile product - from concept, through design, to execution. It could be an unusual hip bag for carrying a short firearm, a completely personalized expedition backpack, or a product that improves your safety and comfort at work. We mainly sew with CORDURA, which has specific properties:

  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage,
  • Resistance to water and moisture,
  • Stain resistance.

This allows us to implement projects that take into account very diverse needs and exposure to truly adverse environmental conditions, while ensuring the durability of the finished products and their long service life. High-quality accessories complete the whole. Buckles, zippers, clasps, Velcro, and many others. We source them from trusted suppliers. This way, we know they are durable, resistant to damage, and premature wear.

Sample Projects: What can we sew for you? 

Our custom order offering includes a wide range of products tailored to the needs of various professional groups, travelers, survival enthusiasts, extreme sports lovers, and hobbyists. We produce, among others:

  • Suspenders,
  • Climbing harnesses,
  • Hip bags, covers, and bags for carrying firearms in non-standard sizes,
  • Bags for divers,
  • Diver backpacks,
  • Oxygen tank backpacks,
  • First-aid kits,
  • Forest clothing,
  • Covers for various types of sports and survival equipment.

We have extensive experience in working with end customers. Through conversation and specific questions, we not only get to know your needs but, most importantly, understand why a particular pocket should have a Velcro closure instead of a zipper and why the strap width should be greater than standard.

Are you looking for non-standard textile products? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and assist you in preparing a product project that best meets your needs and expectations.